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The charming City of Hart is located along the shores of the all-sport Hart Lake, just miles from Lake Michigan. Its historic downtown is an excellent place for shopping, eating, and entertainment. In addition, Hart is home to Michigan’s first rail-trail that spans 23 miles south, used year-round by bicyclists, snowmobilers, runners, and walkers.

While many enjoy this area as a vacation destination, it is also known for its thriving business climate with companies whose products are marketed locally and globally. Hart welcomes new residents, businesses, and year-round visitors with a team of professionals ready to help you every step of the way.

If you’ve dreamed of a friendly place to raise your family that offers an active outdoor lifestyle, rich history, great schools, and good jobs... Hart is a place you can call "home."


Contact: Hart Energy 231-873-5367

Brownouts possible this summer.
Hart, Michigan - The Mid-Continent Independent System Operator (MISO) is the organization which
oversees the power grid for all or a portion of 15 states, including Michigan. In late April, MISO
warned of the possibility of power shortages this summer during times of peak demand. According to
Executive Director Zak Joundi, MISO’s northern and central region are at heightened risk for
controlled “load sheds”.

Load-Shedding: The deliberate shutdown of electric power in a part or parts of a power-distribution
system, generally to prevent the failure of the entire system when the demand strains the capacity
of the system.
Two predominant factors are driving power shortages. First, there has been an increase in energy
usage as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ease. Second, as MISO’s January 2022 report found,
“…many thermal resources have recently retired from service due to economic, regulatory, and
environmental pressures, and the aging thermal assets that remain in service may be more prone to
unplanned outages and face supply chain issues.”
In times of extreme demand, MISO may direct Hart Energy to activate emergency plans, known as
load-shedding. “Hart Energy is preparing and planning for the possibility of power shortages over
the summer. We are a locally owned, community-run Public Power utility, and anything that affects
our neighbors affects all of us. As much as it is within our control, we hope to minimize any
potential disruption to our valued customers,” said Mike Schiller, Hart Energy Superintendent. “If
the power grid is nearing capacity, Hart Energy’s first action will be requesting help from you,
our electric customers, who can assist by beginning conservation measures such as turning off
unneeded lights and electronics or limiting the use of air conditioning.” Schiller continued,
“These simple steps, when we all follow them, can make a world of difference. The City of Hart and
Hart Energy are confident we will come through this together.”

“Our outstanding reliability is a keystone of Michigan’s Public Power utilities,” says Katie
Abraham, Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal Electric Association (MMEA). “This will not
change if the power grid faces the threat of outages this summer.”

Hart Energy is working to ensure critical services are uninterrupted during temporary or sustained
power outages. Critical care customers who depend on electricity for oxygen or other
life-sustaining medical equipment should contact Hart Energy if they have not already done so

Sign up to receive Hart Energy updates and emergency text notifications by texting the word:
HARTENERGY to number 91896

Load-Shedding Questions and Answers

Q. Will we see power outages/brownouts this summer?
⮚ Currently, we do not know. We are simply making you aware that it is a possibility.
⮚ Grid operators have warned that power shortages exist in our region. As we approach the hot
summer months there may be times when the supply of available electricity is not enough to meet
customer demand.
⮚ During times of extreme demand, when there is not enough generation to meet customer demand for
power, power demand must be lowered to avoid uncontrolled blackouts.
Q. What caused this problem? Why can’t you fix it?
⮚ Unfortunately, this is a complex problem that can’t be fixed by any one electric
⮚ There are two main reasons that our part of the country is facing potential power shortages.
First, there has been an increase in energy usage as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ease.
Second, a significant amount of generation has been retired from service and existing resources
face supply chain issues.
⮚ Together, these tight grid conditions impact all electric utilities—big or small—not just The
City of Hart. Consumers Energy, DTE, and other electric utilities in Michigan are also preparing
for potential power shortages.
Q. What is Hart Energy doing to prepare for this?
⮚ Hart Energy is actively planning and preparing for the possibility of power shortages. As much as
it is within our control, we hope to minimize any disruption to our valued customers.
⮚ We are sharing this information now because we are committed to transparency and want to keep you
Q. Will we be notified before any outages/brownouts?
⮚ If we are ordered to shed load, our first action will be requesting help from you, our customers,
who can assist us by beginning conservation measures such as turning off unneeded lights and
electronics or limiting the use of air conditioning.
⮚ As a last resort, we may have to cut power to customers to reduce demand for electricity on the
grid. If we are forced to do this, we will make every possible effort to notify our customers
before we implement controlled power outages.
Q. How can I learn more about this?
We will continue to share updates through local media outlets, on our website and through social
media. We encourage you to frequently visit our website: www.cityofhart.org and follow us on
Facebook so you can view all our communications.

Sign up to receive Hart Energy updates and emergency text notifications by texting the word:
HARTENERGY to number 91896

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Public meeting agendas and public hearing information will be posted at least 18-hours prior to the meeting. You can find the information under the "Connect" menu tab above or the link below.

Printed meeting packets are available upon request at Hart City Hall.

Discover John Gurney Park

Discover John Gurney ParkPlan a stay or visit John Gurney Park and Campground, walking distance from downtown Hart, situated on a picturesque bluff that follows the eastern shoreline of Hart Lake. The campground offers sites ranging from rustic to full hookup, nightly to seasonal, a camp store, playground, boat lodge, bike rentals, activity pillion, a picnic arbor, and numerous outdoor sports amenities.

Historic District Village & Museum

bowls of michigan treesHart Historic District Museum and Village is located on the edge of Chippewa Creek just blocks from Downtown Hart. This village invites guests to tour the historical buildings and numerous old-time attractions throughout the museum that will take you on a journey 150 years into the past. Tour a restored 19th-century church, one-room schoolhouse, log cabin, Chief Cobmoosa’s house, Hart Train Station, an original grist, flour mill, and windmill. In the mill, watch the animated doll display in action. The church basement houses the extensive and unique “Seymour Rider Indian Artifacts Collection”, a must-see for antique Indian and history buffs. During the month of December, the Historic District is adorned with old-time streetscape holiday decorations.

Every Picture Tells a Story

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  • 1960's
  • Soldier's 1912
  • Dodge Dealership
  • Hart High School
  • Worker Photo 1920's
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New Utility Bill Format

Utility SymbolsThe City has updated it's utility billing format in order to provide more information for the residents of the City of Hart.

Discover the Hart-Montague Trail

Hart-Montague Trail at Rothbury, MichiganHart is proud to be known for the William Field Hart-Montague Trail State Park - the first paved rail-trail spanning 22 miles south to Montague, Michigan with picnic areas and scenic outlooks along the way. It is utilized year-round by outdoor and recreation enthusiasts.

The City of Hart marks the north end of the trail, providing easy access and plenty of amenities. The trail was once a Grand Rapids to Pentwater railroad line dating back to 1872.

Find convenient free parking at our trail access point with refreshments and food nearby. Check the links below for trail information and maps, courtesy of Michigan Trails Magazine and website.

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