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Onsite Contract Campground Manager - John Gurney Park

Request for ProposalsThe City of Hart is accepting proposals for the Onsite Management of the John Gurney Park Campground. A full copy of the RFP can be requested at City Hall or at https://cityofhart.org/documents/Request_for_Proposals_-_2021-2023_Campground_Manager_9yy2i.pdf

Closing Date and Time
Proposals must be received before 4:00 p.m. ET on October 15, 2020. The City of Hart will not accept submission of any Proposals after the closing date and time.

Proposal Submission
E-mailed Proposals submitted to lladner@cityofhart.org will be accepted providing they are consolidated into one (1) PDF document (for ease of printing and evaluation).
Proposals may also be mailed or hand delivered to City Hall at:
2021-2023 Campground Management RFP
Attn: Lynne Ladner, City Manager
407 S. State St.
Hart, MI 49420

Proposal Award Procedures
The City intends to notify the successful Proponent of the award within fifteen (15) calendar days of the Proposal closing. The successful Proponent will enter into a contract agreement to proceed with the work.

Responsive Proposals
The City invites interested individuals and firms to submit information regarding their experience, qualifications, payment or revenue sharing and any other amenities that would be part of this contract to the City to provide professional campground services. Site inspections can be arranged by contacting Brad Whitney, Public Works Superintendent at dpw@cityofhart.org or 231-873-3100. The information submitted will be reviewed for the purpose of selecting an individual or firm.
The experience of the firm, qualification, experience and ability of assigned staff, resources, ingenuity, creativity, completeness of the level of service proposed and timeliness of service proposed by the individual or firm will be the significant factors in selection of this professional service contract.

Addenda to the City of Hart Request for Qualifications solicitation

Deadline ExtendedThe City of Hart has received request from several organizations for the opportunity to review the Water Asset Management Plan, Water Capital improvement plan and the current adopted Capital Improvement Plan. These documents are Addendum 1, Addendum 2 and Addendum 3 for the RFQ. Due to the late nature of providing this information to all solicited parties by making them available on the City of Hart website the deadline for submission of the Request for Qualifications has been extended to 2pm on Friday September 4 to allow all interested parties the opportunity to review the documents and make any desired changes to their submission.

If your organization has already submitted your proposal and you would like the opportunity to revise the proposal please contact me no later than 5pm on Thursday September 3rd. If you have any questions or difficulties in opening these files they will be available on the City of Hart Employment and RFP’s website page https://cityofhart.org/employment-and-rfps.php under Helpful Documents. Thank you for your interest in the City of Hart.

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