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Questions about planning and zoning in the City of Hart? Call our offices, 231-873-2488. We are happy to help. Get Planning and Zoning forms, publications and links from our Forms and Publications page.

The City of Hart is a "Redevelopment Ready Community"

Certified Redevelopment Ready CommunityThe Redevelopment Ready Communities® (RRC) program is available to communities across the state. It’s a voluntary, no-cost certification program designed to promote effective redevelopment strategies through a set of best practices.

The program measures and then certifies communities that integrate transparency, predictability and efficiency into their daily development practices. The RRC certification is a formal recognition that your community has a vision for the future—and the fundamental practices in place to get there.

To learn more about the overall program, visit this Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) website page.

For related documents, reports and information relating specifically to the City of Hart, visit the Planning, Zoning, Ordinances > City Planning Documents file cabinet on our Forms and Publications page

Fee Schedule, Site Plan Review

These nominal fees help us to cover office supply and administrative costs associated with reviewing submitted site plans.

Residential, $10.00
Commercial, $25.00
Industrial, $50.00
Zoning Board of Appeals, $50.00

Zoning Administrator Stan Rickard

Stan Rickard, Zoning Administrator and City ManagerStan is also the City Manager for the City of Hart.

About Zoning Permits and Regulations

Licenses and zoning permits are required for such things as signs, fences, accessory buildings and any new structure or addition. These uses and any Special land use, rezoning, site condominiums, variances, site plan approval and other land use review or approval required shall pay a fee established by City Council.

For contact information, please visit our Staff Directory page.

Zoning regulations state that it shall be the duty of the Zoning Administrator to administer the Zoning Code and to enforce the provisions contained therein. The Zoning Administrator shall be appointed by the City Council to serve at its pleasure. The Zoning Board of Appeals shall interpret this Zoning Code, make decisions on matters coming within its jurisdiction and instruct the Administrator as to the steps necessary to enforce its decisions.


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