Public Notices and Hearings

Here are recent postings showing City of Hart public notices and hearings. If you have questions or need more information, please phone City Hall at (231) 873-2488.

Drinking Water Material Inventory Project

Water System Material Inventory ProjectThe City of Hart was awarded a grant from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). This Drinking Water Asset Management (DWAM) grant provides funding for the City to compile a material inventory of the water services on the water distribution system.
The City has contracted with Plummer’s Environmental Services to assist with the material inventory. Plummer’s Environmental Services will be gathering drinking water system data at points from outside our residences and businesses, generally at the street and within the city right of way near curbs.

Residents should not be asked for access to the home as part of this project.

Please see the attached document for additional information.

Construction Updates for Hart-Dryden-Wood-Jefferson Street Project

Weekly updates on the progress of the work and road closures can be found here:
Hart Street Reconstruction Updates (

City of Hart Cross-Connection Program

The City of Hart is working with technicians from HydroCorp to perform a cross-connection inspection in all residential properties as required by the State of Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act. While Hydrocorp performs the cross-connection inspection, they will also install new reading devices and survey current water meters as part of a community wide replacement program. The goal of this program is to update the community's water meter infrastructure. This program will help to ensure continuing safety, accuracy, and functional operation of the water system.

Appointments for the cross-connection inspection MUST BE SCHEDULED through the approved third-party contractor, HydroCorp who specializes in communitywide installation programs. The HydroCorp technician will be identifiable with a company shirt and identification badge.

To schedule your appointment, please visit or call HydroCorp at 800-315-4305 Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm. Appointments are available Monday thru Thursday 8 am- 6 pm. Appointments are scheduled in two 4-hour windows, with a two-hour window in the 4 pm-6 pm segment to schedule your appointment.

The process of performing the cross-connection inspection, installing new reading devices and, if necessary, replacing the water meter typically takes less than 45 minutes and there are NO FEES FOR THE INSPECTION OR METER REPLACEMENT.

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