Public Works and Streets (DPW)

The City of Hart DPW Superintendent is Brad Whitney. Phone the DPW at 231-873-3100.

Yard Waste Pickup Schedule

Yard WasteThe City of Hart conducts brush, yard and leaf pickup throughout the seasons. Waste must be placed at the curb.

Here is our current schedule:

• Brush Pickup: April through November, first Monday of each month. Place at curbside, branches cannot be longer than 4'.

• Yard Waste: April through November, each Monday. Yard waste must be in recyclable bags and placed at curbside.

• Leaf Pickup: Third Week of October through November, as weather permits. Please rake/place your leaves at curbside.

City of Hart Yard Waste

The City picks up brush and yard waste beginning first Monday of April thru the last Monday of November. Check the Yard Waste Ordinance for guidelines on compliance.

This ordinance is intended to define yard waste as being organic waste material generated from yards (i.e. grass/shrub clippings, leaves, weeds, flowers, garden/house plants); define brush as being tree/shrub waste generated from yards (consisting of limbs 6" or less in diameter and 4' or more in length); establish rules for leaf, brush, yard waste pickup; allow brush/yard waste delivery to the bins at DPW; prohibit placement of grass clippings in the street/road using a mower or blower and establish the season for leaf, brush and yard waste pickup.

If you have questions concerning this ordinance, please contact either City Hall at 231-873-2488 or DPW at 231-873-3100.

Cross Connection Program - Backflow

FaucetWhat is backflow and how can it occur? Backflow is the reversal of normal flow in a system due to backsiphonage or backpressure. To find out more about the rules governing this, please click here. A brochure is also available for you to read.

"Miss Dig"

Call "Miss Dig" before any digging or excavation on your property.
811 or 800-482-7171.
For more information click here.
Better to be safe than sorry! Failure to contact "Miss Dig" can result in the utility companies, billing you for damages you cause during your digging.

Department of Public Works

Water, Sewer, Streets 

Office: 1010 State Street,  Hart, MI 49420
Phone: (231)-873-3100 

Brad Whitney    

Office Hours:
7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday

After Hours Emergency Number:  231-923-3108

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